Back door in the alley off Atwater

4000 Saint Catherine Ouest, Westmount, H3Z1P1


8 am – 2 pm from Monday to Thursday

8 am – 11 am on Friday

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

For inquiries, please contact

Clothing Needs

  • T-shirts Men and Women (all sizes)
  • Winter Jackets Men and Women
  • Men’s pants jeans/work pants size 30-36
  • Warm socks Men and Women all sizes
  • Unisex Sweat pants/joggers (size medium, large, XL)
  • Fall/weatherproof coats (small, medium, large, XL)
  • Hoodies/sweaters (medium, large) unisex/mens/women’s
  • Summer/ Spring shoes (size 9-13)
  • Women’s Jeans size 26-38 (waist line)
  • Women’s leggings (all sizes)
  • Snowpants for Men and Women

We do not need Children’s Clothes

Food Needs

  • Bottled Water
  • Crackers
  • Cereal
  • Baked goods (cookies, muffins etc)
  • Produce
  • Canned goods
  • Instant ramen-Kraft Dinner
  • Rice, Pasta
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Canned or Bottled Soda(less than 1 litre per bottle)

Traditional Food

Seal, Moose, Deer, Beluga, Whale, Seal, Caribou


Donations to Resilience Montreal can be accepted on the Native Women’s Shelter website:

Please then click “Contact us” and inform the amount you donated and that it is for Resilience Montreal.

Thank you!

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