Shoutout to All Restaurants who are Closing During the Quarantine!

If there are local Monteal restaurants closing, and you would like a place to donate fresh produce Nazareth Community and Resilience Monteal can accept it. This produce will help reinforce our meals and make sure everyone is eating healthy and well rounded during this period. Nazareth Community serves over 100 meals a day, and ResilienceContinue reading “Shoutout to All Restaurants who are Closing During the Quarantine!”

Resilience Montreal at Dawson College

Today, we had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students at Dawson College for their annual Social Science Week. Here are some highlights: David Chapman What is a low-threshold shelter? Nakuset How the support of a writer from the Gazette changed everything. Sheila Woodhouse Nobody chooses to be homeless. Nakuset Out of sight,Continue reading “Resilience Montreal at Dawson College”

Employment Opportunity: Kitchen Staff Needed

Have experience in the kitchen?Resilience Montreal is looking for someone to work in our kitchen. In the new year, our hours will extend to 8:00am-8:00pm. That means we need someone to organize three meals a day. We are looking for someone capable of managing donations and volunteers to make sure that three meals a dayContinue reading “Employment Opportunity: Kitchen Staff Needed”